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Unsecured debt workout

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Offer in compromise

SBTG has developed strategies that allow struggling business owners to protect their assets and settle their obligations without filing for bankruptcy protection

When needed, the SBA Offer in Compromise program allows guarantors to settle their personal obligations under SBA loan without the need to file for personal bankruptcy

Sometimes secured creditors are not the problem.  SBTG is experienced in settling or renegotiating terms and agreements with unsecured creditors such as vendors, landlords, etc

Temporary cash flow issues can often be resolved through forbearance and modifications with SBA lenders which avoid long-term payment default and give business owners payment relief


Consultants with sba experience

Our professional staff includes professionals with MBAs and  degrees in economics, that are well versed in financial management, creating dynamic business strategies, and identifying and curing the systemic problems that distressed businesses face. We have years of experience working with and settling a variety of secured creditors such as the Small Business Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, and Community Development Corporations



Small Business Turnaround Group Inc delivered everything they promised. They helped me settle my SBA personal guaranty for less that 10 cents on the dollar and I avoided bankruptcy"

S.S. Albuquerque, NM


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