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Secured Debt Workout

Reduced revenues affect all debtors, not just SBA debtors.  SBTG has devised strategies for struggling business owners with traditional loans that do not involve the SBA or other government backing, with the same goals in mind; preserve the business opportunity, save the jobs the business provides, and allow the business owner to settle any outstanding personal obligations for affordable losses. As is with all workouts, not all businesses and guarantors qualify.  Contact us to learn more.

Offer in Compromise

If you business is liquidated for any number of reasons, you are likely faced with a large deficiency balance owed to the SBA lender with no way to pay it.  Your house may be on the line, other personal assets at stake, and you may think you have no choice to file bankruptcy.  However, the SBA has a program in place called the Offer in Compromise for debtors to settle their personal guarantees without having to file for bankruptcy protection.  This requires appraisals and several supplementary documents in order to be considered for acceptance by the SBA. SBTG has helped many clients prepare and support appropriate offers, which has resulted in millions of dollars or debt forgiveness. Contact us to learn more.

SBA Debt Workout

Reduced revenue? Struggling to make your SBA payments?  Sacrificing your salary so that the SBA can be paid? Are you a month or two behind with no way to catch up?  Has the bank called your note? Are you being sued? If so, there is still hope for success.  SBTG has worked with several SBA lenders all over the country to create strategies that preserve the business operation while freeing it from the burden of debt service and allowing the business owners to avoid personal bankruptcy by settling their personal guarantees for affordable losses. Not every business qualifies for a SBA workout.  Contact us for a review of your situation to learn more.


Exit Strategies & Liquidations

There are many reasons to create an exit strategy, including shrinking marketplaces, reduced availability to operating capital, forward integration, retirement planning, or asset utility maximization.  Regardless of the reason, an exit should be well planned.  When a business owner wishes to liquidate his or her business ownership position, there are many stakeholders that need to addressed including other share holders, creditors, employees, management, and clients.  Each should be addressed with its own nuances in order to assure continuity and in order to maximize value to all parties.  If you are considering selling your business, contact us to learn more.

Cashflow Management

When emerging from an economic downturn, it is crucial that business owners understand and manage their cash flow regularly.  Ill advised spending will restrict a business' ability to operate in the future including the ability to fund growth, service debt, meet shareholder expectations, or sustaining a high level of customer satisfaction.  SBTG conducts regular monthly projections for all clients along with providing advice on capital decisions in order to assure that the company spending is aligned with the organizational goals.

Unsecured Debt Workout

When businesses begin to lose revenue, the first bills that are not paid on time are often unsecured debts ranging from suppliers, utilities, landlords, leasing companies, credit cards and unsecured lines of credit.  SBTG has years of experience assisting small businesses with workouts for all types of unsecured creditors.  Depending on the solvency of the borrowing business, this results in debt settlements, debt forgiveness, long-term repayments, partial repayments or consolidations.  Contact us for a review of your unsecured debt

SBA Loan Modification

Increased cost of goods, increased transportation costs, seasonality, or decreasing availability of credit all lead to temporary cash flow issues. These issues can be addressed so long as the business has some breathing room.  While difficult to achieve, SBA loan modifications are possible.  Banks tend to opt for liquidation over modification for fear of losing their SBA guaranty.  However, with the correct documentation discovery and presentation, SBA borrowers can forbear and modify the terms of their loan to address short term cash flow needs.  Contact us to learn more and see if your business qualifies for modification.


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